Onyx Gold

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Onyx Gold
Onyx Gold
Onyx Gold
Spouse(s)Ruby Gold
Piratical career
NicknameOnyx Gold
AllegianceDraconian Fleet
Base of operationsPacific Northwest
ShipsRed Tide

Onyx was the son of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach and Mary Ormond. Blackbeard had rapped young Mary while pillaging a small settlement off the coastline of England. Mary was the daughter of William Ormand, a plantation owner in Somerset, who had helped keep Onyx’s birth a secret from everyone, including Onyx’s own father. The unknowing Blackbeard returned to Somerset and captured Mary to be his wife, leaving Onyx to be raised by Mary’s father. Shortly after, one of Blackbeard’s ships was boarded by another pirate crew and Blackbeard offered up his wife as a gift to the crew in exchange for his freedom. Mary was never seen or heard from again. Years lately news of this traveled back to Somerset. Onyx swore revenge on his father for the death of his mother and he ran away from home to join a pirate crew. Moving up in the ranks of the pirate nation, he managed to infiltrate Blackbeard’s crew, earning his trust, and eventually becoming his Quartermaster. Onyx bided his time as he plotted to overthrow and kill his father before falling madly in love with Blackbeard’s prisoner Ruby. Onyx finally got his revenge after setting Blackbeard ship on fire and escaping with Ruby. Together they seized the man-o’-war they named The Red Tide and gave birth right on that very ship to the Cabin Girl Rose Quartz Gold.