Ruby Gold

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Ruby Gold
Ruby Gold
Ruby Gold
Piratical career
NicknameRuby Gold
AllegianceDraconian Fleet
RankVice Admiral,Captain
Base of operationsPacific Northwest
CommandsRed Tide


From the moment Ruby Gold was born, her calling was the sea. Both Ruby’s mother and father were skilled pirates who had her and raised her on the open ocean. Ruby grew up moving from ship to ship and place to place plundering the worlds treasures. Ruby’s father, Topaz Gold, had been a soldier before taking on a life as a pirate and taught Ruby how to fight with a ruthlessness that was unsurpassed by most and feared by all. Ruby’s mother, Emerald Gold, educated Ruby and invested much of their fortunes into navigation and literature that gave their family an advantage over many other ships and pirates. On Ruby’s eighteenth name day she was kidnapped by her parent’s rival, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. Blackbeard was undoubtedly one of the most feared pirates of all time and despised by many of his own crew aboard the Concorde. Blackbeard took Ruby prisoner and kept Ruby as a slave to use her skills and abilities to his advantage. Over the months of separation from her family, Blackbeard’s Quartermaster Onyx got to know Ruby and they fell madly in love. In secret, they plotted their escape; waiting to seize the right moment. Not knowing if their daughter had survived, Topaz and Emerald Gold tracked the Concorde more than a thousand miles over the open ocean, until finally locating the Blackbeard and leading an attack to destroy his ship and crew. In the chaos of the fight, Onyx and Ruby set fire to the Concorde and fled the ship together.