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Tempest in port, Seadog Nights
The White EnsignGreat Britain
Name: Tempest
Owner: Great Britain
Launched: c. 1710
Tempest ship flagPirates
Name: Tempest
Owner: Elric Brewer
Captured: c. 1712
General characteristics
Class and type: Galleon
Propulsion: Sail
Complement: 40

IRL History

In Game History

Ranks and positions

Naval ranks and positions of the Tempest are an intermixed assortment of formal rank titles, positional titles, as well as informal titles.

Name Position Active? Status Officer Notes
Elric Brewer Captain Active Senior Wardroom Officer Commissioned Officer
Tankard von Tankardstien First Mate Active Commissioned Officer
Warrant Officer
Is a Giant Tankard
Oracle Second Mate Active Commissioned Officer
Warrant Officer
Guy Mudlark Quartermaster Active Commissioned Officer
Warrant Officer
Esme Tripps Navigator Inactive Commissioned Officer
Serenity Otep First Lieutenant Active Commissioned Officer
Second Lieutenant Commissioned Officer
Minister of Chaos Chaplin Active Junior Wardroom Officer Warrant Officer
Zara Roberts Surgeon Active Commissioned Officer
Purser Commissioned Officer
Jim Law Boatswain Active Standing Officer Warrant Officer
Master Carpenter Warrant Officer
Master Rigger Warrant Officer
Morgan Master Gunner Inactive Warrant Officer
Tahlia Danan Surgeon's Mate Active Cockpit Mates
Master's Mate
Master's Mate
Rope Maker Senior Petty Officers Warrant Officer
Carpenter's Mate
Master at Arms Warrant Officer
Caulker Warrant Officer
Armourer Warrant Officer
Sail Maker Petty Officers Warrant Officer
Carpenter's Crew Junior Petty Officers
Powder Monkey
Tobias Hatter Cook Active
Cabin Boy/Girl
Cooper Warrant Officer
Swabbie Crew