The Tempest Sails Again!

That’s right you heard me. The Tempest will finally be leaving dry dock. I Admiral Elric was once captain of this fine vessel years ago before I was promoted to Admiral. During my time as admiral she was placed in dry dock as she had no purpose to commit to. That changes today! The Tempest will see the high seas again as a service ship who’s crew will be comprised of event volunteers and staff workers. If you need a home at the events and you enjoy giving back to your pirate community, then the Tempest will provide the vessel for you to team up with other volunteers and community members. Today we start out small, but with a mission to grow our crew to the once great numbers of the past.

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Elric & Barshot visit Egils 43

I, Elric spent the weekend with the lovely crew of the Resolute at Egils 43. They were kind enough to let me stay in their encampment and share their company. We had a great time playing games and enjoying the river. I look forward to next year!