Rear Admiral Barshot

James Martin aka Barshot is a kinky Pagan Libertarian, born in Oregon, sometime in November 1960. Barshot is Captain of the merchant ship Dancing Muse, Rear Admiral of the Draconian fleet, and a citizen of the Seadog nation for over 13 years. Barshot’s business, Dancing Muse, is an active member of the Guild of Event Merchants; selling garb, kilts, and footwear at NW weekend events since 1992. Barshot loves Bacon, grog, camping at outdoor festivals with hundreds of his friends, 360 brand Madagascar vanilla vodka, listening to drums at the campfire, star gazing, and playing dice games or card against humanity with friends.

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His Pirate persona of Captain “Barshot”, from the merchant ship Dancing Muse, sails out of Tortuga in the the Caribbean, to the American East coastline selling Spanish goods of questionable origins to British and Dutch colonists around 1670-1717.