Rosabella Illuminous

Maven of Communication

A summer lady of color

Rosabella entered into the pirate realms from the more rigid society of the SCA back in the years 2010-2011….. an Italian Merchant’s daughter, she was coming of age but far too headstrong for her family and her community. They sent her away with a Monk as a chaperone to another land to marry her off. However, the Monk wasn’t so holy and Rosabella was not so wicked so they balanced each other’s journies into the realms of Pirates.

First, they found themselves in the Order of Horus, only to attempt to find stability by creating a Temple to give lost souls a place to call home and to Fund their endeavors. Alas, that con was not to continue. Rosabella grew, separated from those she joined the journey with. Restless people tend to find each other. Rosabella and Leumas decided to sail the seas with what and who they knew. The ship was commissioned in 2015 and just as quickly, the crew crashed upon Haven’s Hideout…..

Also known as,”dispatch” she is responsible for keeping the members on site and off site in constant communication during a set-up/take down.